Aye hold up hold up
Bring that back
We bout to fucking turn this shit up ya feel me aye hold up

I'm stealing chicken from your local kitchen
I look the chef right in his eyes and dip
There better be no bitch in there
Some consequences when you don't listen
You gon wake up in your bed with some stitches and fingers missing
If I’m tripping it’s the shroomies or the molly
Aye aye
If I’m slipping and passing it’s on the PS4
I’m probably high
I ignore every bitch that's trying call me
They so fucking annoying
I'm smoking blunts because they calm me
I'm a zombie
I be zoning riding early in the morning
I'm taking up out my bed I’m barley yawing, I’m on it
I'm bout to think of all the ways to get this money
I mean there wasn't weed or plenty of food inside my tummy
I'm hungry
I've been starving like a fucking stray dog
I hope these rapper in the game don't got plans to stay long
I've got way too many lives saved up, I’m staying strong
"At least I hope, shit Milo I ain't high enough, pass me that shit pass me the bong"

I break the weed up
With leave up
Then i chief up
Ain't no time without my reefer
I'm rolling them high procedure
Have a seizure when you hit it
You been on the middie from the city
Thinking you smoking on that loud, pipe down
Pussy bitch quit talking
I'm silent fuck keep on walking
Catch you slipping and i off and
Way too often do I see another talent less freak
Claiming he gon take the top but he won't last one week
Ya bitch

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