[Verse 1]
Brown glasses on
I just watch while you rip the bong
And while we switching lanes
Drinking and laughing
It past being a game
I know you feel the same
Ohh girl I know you feel the same
Yeah girl I know you feel the same
Yeah yeah yeah girl I know you feel the same
I guess now that your man is back
I shouldn't look forward to reply backs
And while this ish is on my temple
Its kinda hard when you looking kinda mental
Your work outs looking way past simple
The way you post it I can see you back dimples
And while ya man is in the other room
Face time while I'm sitting in a mini coup
[Verse 2]
The first rule was never love these hoes
And it breaks my fucking heart every time you go
Stop looking back, stop looking back
Stop looking back ,stop looking back
Peace get your self together theres no going back
She gotta, Better man top of the class
The most patches on his letter man
His status way better then me
And if she wanted me back
I would of got a better text then
Please stop texting back I wish
I could stop drinking now but
Rather drink my self death then
Be another fucking hand me down
But I got to be a man now but
If I die would you really understand now

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