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My Energy


[Intro: WordPlay T. Jay]
Yeah, bless my soul
Tell me that I can be bold
Hands up and I can’t fold
So high I can’t get low

[Verse 1]
Yo, I can be the norm but chose to change lanes
Beating every level but chose to change games
Off the chain gang working for years, but still sang
A mile high up but never can complain
Looking mighty great but thinking they’re plain janes
Lying to yourself, so easy to maintain
You above range, defeated is so lame
Meditated daily and dropped the same thangs
Haters can’t hang with us, we’re dangerous
We flame to touch, we can’t stain or rust
Spreading all this love ain’t strange to us
Surfing and we got a new wave to brush
No shame in us, we’re gone let this loose
Feel it in my soul and I let this through
A little bit of patience and I let this brew
I’m in it for the win so they let me swoosh, true

Yeah Bless my soul (Can’t touch my energy)
Tell me that I can be bold (Can’t touch my energy)
Hands up and I can’t fold (Can’t touch my energy)
So high I can’t get low (Can’t touch my energy)
There’s something in the air that I can’t stop
Letting my soul glow and they can’t knock
Even when I’m so low my hands can’t drop
Even when they go low, I don’t change up

[Verse 2]
Wait, gotta bring it up, gotta bring it up
Let em hang it out like the shirt is untucked
Showing everything like the image untouched
I’m a give it back but the cameras on us
Hola, bonita, here comes your leader
Playing on your station, just like a vita
Can’t fold me up, I’m not a pita
Black soul – keep all the creamer
I came to stay and I can brave the day
All the rest jump back and fade away
Confident and I don’t feel the pain
Slipped a bit and I can heal the stains
Came for mine they didn’t let me through
Woke me up and didn’t let me snooze
My principle, you have to break the rules
Do it for the win, cause I can’t lose

[Verse 3]
Yo, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost
They ain’t sleeping on us, they comatose
I deliver heat like it’s Domino’s
Like a chef making A’s I’m on a roll
Cause I get it cracking, unpacking the magic, no matter the fabric
Ain’t taking it backwards, I’m multi-syllabic, attacking and
Throwing us over for packing the passion
Get just what I want like I’m batting my lashes
Make em all charge like it’s battery acid
I done came up, hitting multiple facets
Gotta find the pedal do you know what the gas is?
Channeling Cassius to fight for the masses

[Bridge x4]

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About "My Energy"

Time after time we give our energy to people who don’t deserve it. Why? Because we love them…because we need to put up with them? That just doesn’t make sense. So I made “My Energy” for you to feel good no matter what negative is coming into your life. I’ve always been a little less than confident, and now is not the case. We don’t know what comes tomorrow, but we do know where we are right now. Count your blessings and spread GOOD ENERGY!

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