I've just sat here to simplify what's right for me
But It's you I really need
Until that time comes
We'll just have to wait and wait

We're bound to break

Such a positive pain

Why can't I just refrain
Just open back up to me

I will just wait til' morning
And clear my head with those pills I took last summer
It's not what you wanted me to do
But now that we're through
It's not up to you

The best has been taken out of me
Now why can't you see that you actually

Needed me?

Why should you even bother?
Needed me!
Why should you even care?
Wasting time and those final goodbyes
And if that's all I'm good at
I do not deserve this fight
But I'll stick it out it's my own life

At least it was worth it to watch you leave
(It's my own life)

In the end
In the end

Such a positive pain
I'm so sick I can't complain
I'll just hang my head in shame

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