No Snakes


[Verse 1]
Every day I ate the dollar menu, if it wasn't on it, couldn't order that
Fast forward couple years later, McDonald's paid me like forty racks
Drugs, money, woman, closet, clothes, always knew that there was more than that
I was biking to the studio 'cause I ain't have a car like the quarterback
They telling me I can't rap homie 'cause I ain't got no tats on me
Like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, labels should've never passed on me
To all the girls who rejected me, know that they gonna regret today
Years ago when I was dropping music, all I saw was 'LOL' and 'SMH'
Now they all up in my mentions bruh, asking me to come home now
Helped out way too many snakes so it's everybody on their own now
Every year I cut my grass lower, no snakes, let me say it twice
Everybody that's not in my shoes always tryna give me lame advice
Used to be up on the sidelines, now I went at three, I just lay it up
Remember Pops working overtime, coming back home when I was waking up
That's the reason that I go hard, guess the apple don't fall far
Had to cut a couple people off 'cause they crossed the line like a false start

I've been doing things that I shouldn't be
Lot of snakes up in my grass, wish they wouldn't be
I've been going hard, running up a cheque
Making people so upset
Guess that's just the way it be
I've been putting on for the ones I love
Putting all my trust in the one above
You can't tell me nothing that'll kill my vibe
Right now I feel so alive
Got some liquor in my cup
[Verse 2]
I was on meth, staring at the ceiling
No emotions, I ain't have no feelings
Stuck in this city all alone
Ain't no friends who hittin' my phone
Breaking off bread with the ones who loyal
My whole fam rules they go royal
Still the same kid who came out the mud
But I turned that shit into soil
I grew the vision, no pot to piss in
Remember back then when nobody listened
Never needed nobody else
Did this shit with no fucking help
I was stuck in some bad record deals
Felt like I was living in a cell
But to get to Heaven, gotta go through Hell
Wish I had that money for my brother' bail
On the road, not picking up my phone, found out that my Grandpa passed
In a couple bad relationships, thank God I got out of that
For a little while, the dreams got blurry, felt like I had some cataracts
Coming up, kids would laugh at me, safe to say I got the last of laughs
Lot of friends turn to enemies, no snakes 'til I fucking die
Doctor had me on depression meds, I was losing my fucking mind
Got on my ass, finally grinding, now every day I wake up loving life
Guess that I just had to go through the dark if I wanted to end up being in the light

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