[Intro: K-Rino]
Let me tell you the story of one of the greatest rap cliques of all time
Let me tell you how it went

[Verse 1: K-Rino]
1987 was the year
When I first came up with the plan and idea
To round up some certified Sterling High G’s
And formulate a group of sick killer MCs
It started with me then G.T. and Preppy J
Easy T, C-Rock, DBX and Rapper K
We was murdering any local or out of town crew
And my homie DJ Screw was in the crowd too
Couldn’t tame us, nah we wasn’t rich, wasn’t famous
The clique was growing quick but what shall I name it?
Whatever it was, had to stand out, had to be good
Had to be something with South Park, that was my hood
Now it’s understood, after the name, then the respect
Way back then there wasn’t even 10 of us yet
I was slipping through a book, when it caught my attention
When I just happened to look and see the word “Coalition”

[Verse 2: K-Rino]
Later on that same year, it's true when I say
A storm was brewing at a school 10 minutes away
Tryna rap back then was like swimming with the sharks
Jones High had the hardest MCs in South Park
Elite killers like Klondike Kat and Ganksta N-I-P
A.C. Chill, K-Rock Death and Murder One, Rip
The tension was building up, we was talking a lot of trash
It was just a matter of time before me and N-I-P clashed
Had to settle the beef, who's the better MC?
But I wasn't coming to him and he wasn't coming to me
So in school, let one day we met up half way
At the famous battleground on Bellfort and M.L.K
His soldiers and my soldiers both ready to go to war
People said that it was the sickest battle they ever saw
In the end it was a draw, both of us was spitting sick
After that the Jones rappers was now part of the clique

[Verse 3: K-Rino]
Now we 20 deep, merking anybody we see
And Rapper K. introduced me to the homie Dope-E
A lyricist and a producer, every talent was strong
Had equipment at his house so we started creating songs
And Deuce Twice, Egypt-E was his other 2 troops
So my 1989 I was a part of the group
K.O. was singing hooks, now we deep in our ranks
And it was over once we brought in Grimm and Point Blank
PSK, Ruff Eyque, Tech and X-Man
Greek, Rhyme Felon, Street Military and Killa Klan
Brain Dead, Mr. Cap, Shadow Mob all day
Justice Allah, K-Water and my sister Cl'che
Can't forget my brother Big Sniper and the 2G
Wolf Town in the UK, affiliates overseas
200 albums and millions of records sold combined
30 years, first clique in the South still on the grind

[Outro: K-Rino]
Wanna shoutout to the whole South Park Coalition
I can't name all of y'all but y'all know it's love
Y'all did this, we started this up man
Shoutout to the homie 20 to Life
My boy Father Time
What up Chucky? I see ya

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