Resurrecting Queenz

2017 Freedom Cover


[MC Fran]
2017…Resurrecting Queenz…Freedom!

We will not bow down to, uh huh, racism

[Janae, Gwanny, Tav'e, Roe B]
We will not bow down to injustice
We will not bow down to exploitation

I'm gon' stand, I'm gon' stand

[Dh Da Hit Wryter]
We’ve walked, we’ve marched
And now we’re here again
Taking what’s ours

[DJ Heat]
They say we have our freedom but
What are we really free from?
Because on November 8
Our whole country went dumb
But we’re cut from the cloth of Angela Davis
And so we fight, and not run
Turn us loose, set us free
From all the chains that bind me
Let us run in our own direction

Let us go, set us free
From all this propaganda and lies
That your people try to teach us

I know why you would like to bring us down

[Roe B]
Because we have all the dirt on you
You try to tell us that our lives
Don't mean a thing
But we know so much better
So we're gonna take our freedom

[DH Da Hit Wryter]
So on your journey to be free
Make sure you start mentally

So much girl magic
Like whodini breaking free
The epitome of when we
Come together in unity
Government of fools and folly’s
Propaganda by jokers
This new potus he don’t notice
He can’t comprehend our focus

[DJ Mim]
Stand for nothing fall for everything
You know we talking about freedom
Flip the effect
Shake the stress
You know we’re talking about freedom

Melanated educating all the truths
From the roots of ancient laws
Know the powers within you

Man they better let me be me
I got my fist about this crown
And I’m with a squad of queenz
They better let me be free

[Trilla B]
If I had a noose for every truth
They tried to cover up
Proof is in the blood
My golden son
So love your brother
[Choppa Locka]
You hate, debate
Lie, then discriminate
We won’t stop
Man it’s 2 million at the March!

[Uptown Shane]
Good gawd free me
Ms Tubman please believe me
I know
Eye am, that eye am

[Betty Bipolar]
And I’m a Queen
So I’m always free
You can’t take my royalty
From me

[Mychelle Lee]
Ah ah ah ahhhh
My vision burn
The tables turn
We back at square one
2017 still tryna figure where we come from
The damage done
My book of faith claiming the end of days
In either case
We one in the same
We better see some change

[DJ Heat]
We want freedom
We want the power to determine
The destiny of our black community
Everybody raise your fists
And say we want freedom

[Nicole Learner]
Ay look
I need freedom from the debt
Freedom from a check
Freedom from these companies
Tryna manipulate our intellect

Azadiye fekr
In every continent
It’s a jungle wanna win
Build up every human being

[Keylow Black]
Even though we singing about freedom
Me and my queens ain't free tho
Donald trump elected president
Now tell me it’s a joke

[Sonic Boom]
We want our freedom of choice
I choose to lift every voice
And sing on one accord
Give us free like the chorus

[Lil Sleepy]
Look at me I’m free
Bada boom, bada bing
Everything ain’t what it seems
But I’m following my dreams

The propaganda that you spit
It ain't true
And them lies that you telling
Please believe that we seeing
Straight through

‘Cuz once you get into the system
Ain't no getting out
Thats when you no longer matter
And your vote get cast out


[Miss Gray]
Mass incarceration
We facing hate and extermination
Time to quit debating
A revolution won’t start with waiting

[DH Da Hit Writer]
And by any means necessary
Is still the rule of thumb
On our Malcolm and Martin
‘Cuz we still overcome

[DJ Mim and DJ Heat]
Free to speak
Free to think
Free to reach
Free to fight
Free to resist
Free to achieve
Free to believe

[Kenilworth Katrina]
So tell me where your crown at
That self destruction road
Yea I been down that
But faith and inner peace
Ay yo I found that

Now that
I found my meaning of freedom
Not while free and dumb
Release yourself from your mind
Watch how you overcome

[Jae the Lyoness]
Fighting for freedom
This armageddon
My arms are getting heavy
From burdens I carry
Shackled by adversaries

[Roe B]
Now it’s time to wake up!
These antics won’t break us!
No, no, nooooo

[Mafia Twins]
Our ancestors fought hard
To break these chains
They probably rolling in the grave
For how we behave

We female rulers of the safe
And rulers of our existence
A queen that’s gonna win by any means
God as my witness

[Styles Montana]
Subconscious teaching
Yield the lesson
Erase ourselves and motivate us
Omitting new tactics
And neglecting any agitators

[Kristie Yamagucci]
This ain’t the way
The world today
Too many people dying, crying
Throw the bullets away
We got Trump in office
Our government done lost it
Police target
Our children and fathers
I hear the saying that our black lives matter
But tell me do they really matter
When all black lives shattered?

[Dj Mim]
Stop the hate and how it equates
Free to say free to be gay
Open up your closet and be
F-R-E-E free!

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About "2017 Freedom Cover"

The Resurrecting Queenz are back again with another powerful track, this time they are 34 strong for the remake of “Freedom” from the 1995 movie Panther. The Queenz have featured 13 guests artists in addition to their original roster of 21, in order to drive the message home and to continue being an example of female unity.

During a time of such division and uncertainty, the Queenz wanted to spread a message of hope and ultimately, freedom.

2017 Freedom Cover Track info

Arranged by Kenilworth Katrina and Jamel Mr City for Resurrecting Queenz Kenilworth Katrina