S God

King of the Dead Remix


[ Verse 1: S God ]
Yes I'm the devil hoe
I may not be good
But you not on my level tho
I rock out like metal tho
Sellin' the spice on the block no oregano
King of the dead with a crown and a septer
Talkin' that treason it's heads that I sever
Fuck you I'm just better lil bitch you a jester
Whatever the weather I pounce like a leopard
It's now or it's never you see I'm a specter
Pussy talkin' that fuck shit I cannot respect 'em
I'm wicked
In my mind is this sick shit
So please do not vist
I cannot control the rage that I feel
Blood I might spill
Bitch you no Superman, not made of steel
I split your skull and put fear straight inside
Depths of the underworld where I reside

[ Verse 2: S God ]
Downin' the poison makes me feel alive
Meet death every night, but always revive
Feed off fears of my peers, it's how I survive
Drown in self hatred I scream fuck my life
It's over it's done, I just cannot run
My demons they torture me all just for fun
When will it end? I cannot defend
My beautiful princess is my only friend
I cannot take it, I am forsaken
To live inside hell and be tortured by Satan
I can't save my soul, my heart's become cold
Frostbite to anyone who tries to hold
There's no use in crying I know it won't work
I've screamed to the sky and I've knelt on the earth
But still no assistance, fuck my existence
I can't help myself, I've tried with persistence
So I drink codine I mix it with Sprite
And add a lil rancher to help me feel right
Depression, anxiety haunting my dreams
Insomnea strikes, I can't sleep at night
No control of my life, but fuck it I guess
I'll just take this nine and put holes in my chest

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About "King of the Dead Remix"

From my debut mixtape, “The Storm”


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