S God

Dark Light Remix


[ Verse 1: S God ]
Crazy motherfucker Jack the Ripper in the flesh
All you non believers know whats 'bout to come next
Comin' for my checks Imma hit you with the tech
If there were any witnesses I come back for the rest
I'm on my 9/11 shit
That not going to heaven shit
That I'm a demon 'till I die yeah that's my devil shit
Blastin' with the metal bitch
Killin' for the hell of it
Bathin' in your blood just because I love the smell of it
Things no one wants to say out loud I'm tellin' it
Tape full of blasphamy lil bitch you know I'm sellin' it
Matter fact it's free like me when I get charged with murder of the first degree every case I beat
Bitch please
When they see me they all flee
'Cause all these faggots know it ain't no fuckin' with the G
If they do they 'gon bleed
Get stabbed in the back like Assasins Creed
'Till they ain't able to breathe god damn

[ Verse 2: S God ]
Lookin' at me wrong I lay your bitch ass down
Your new adress is 6ft in the ground
King of hell bitch for a while I've been crowned
Ain't nobody know you but they all know my sound
John Wayne Gacey on these motherfuckers, should've been aborted as a baby lookin' motherfucker
Imma put you in the sea with the Navy motherfucker, can't fuck with me cause I'm too damn wavy mother fucker
I don't give a shit
Decapitate a bitch if she ain't 'gon suck my dick
I wanna go to hell go and through me in the pit
Fuck up on your bitch Imma suck up on her clit
Then I kick the bitch out I ain't even know her name
All I need to know is if she's good at givin' brain
And I ain't talkin' intellegence
The bitch is too irrelevant
I don't want the bitch if she wants to be celibate
[ Verse 3: S God ]
Why you wanna start shit boy you know I'm too Holy
Better watch your mouth don't talk too boldly
I know you see my moves study them and watch closely
But no matter what you do you 'gon look phoney
Bitch you know I'm off them xans yeah
Put a picture off your courpse on the 'Gram yeah
You know I'm the man aye
I'm the shepard leader all you bitches just some lambs yeah
Fuck being the plug I'm the socket got a pocket rocket and I'm not affraid to pop it stop it
What the fuck you hatin' on me for
I don't play no games bitch ain't no G4
You know I got the stacks I could buy your whole life hoe
Fuckin' with your bitch but I won't make her wife tho
Cut you with a butcher's knife for tryna fuck with my dough
Kilin' motherfuckers using nothing but my flow

[ Verse 4: S God ]
One last verse 'fore I ride off in the herse
Beat your mom to death with her own damn purse
Psychopathic thoughts
You know I got the sauce
You know that I'm the boss
When I'm speaking don't talk lil bitch
Fuck you gonna say?
King of my city bitch I run SA don't play with me 'cause I'm about to catch a fuckin' body
Bitch I want brain
Like a fuckin' zombie
I'm on that Micheal Myres shit hit you with the fire if you dare wear a wire pull your teeth out with some pliers
Middle finger to a cop middle finger to an op I hope you fuckers overdose and go into some comatose
I'm the victim of insanity a plauge on humanity
I spit too much profanity and possess too much vanity
Who self proclaims criminality
And insults Christianity bitch

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About "Dark Light Remix"

From my debut mixtape, “The Storm”

A little bit about this song, this was originally going to be on a different mixtape called Psychopathic Thoughts. I might still do that tape, but as of now it’s been put on hold ‘till further notice. But the point of that tape was to say the most offensive, fucked up shit I could (which ended up becoming my regular style), and I think I succeeded. There was another song that was supposed to be on that tape but ended up on this one called “The Storm”, it features my homie Oxy and it ended up being the title track to this tape. With that being said, the reason you can hear me say the term “psychopathic thoughts” in both this song and in the song “The Storm” is because they were both from a project of the same name.

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