Don’t You Think


[Verse 1: Raynk]
Ill use intermissions to achieve my inner missions, cause imma shine and glisten I just need yall to listen
Yall don't see all I really wanna be is legendary
Stay on the prowl in the prairie
But on the contrary, I ain't been feeling good, I ain't feelin hood, seems like my milk is always spoiled
And I got uncoil this anaconda like grip, depressions got on me like oh shit
Not this road again, its a one way
Not fun, not even funny
Thinking all I need is honey, and some money
I lack both, but I made an oath to never loathe growth and a troth to this rap game, gotta stay committed, quick witted, acquitted of any false lines, cause im a lion man, not a lying man, so why you lying man?
We all the same, but I guess false fames just a real part of the game

[Chorus: Lucy Rose]
This is our time
Still I'm looking back, let me rewind
This is our ride
Don't let me lose my faith, let me rewind

[Verse 2:Raynk]
Going 20 down this snake run
Flowing on these 2 feet 4 wheels
Hoping to make a mass appeal while staying real and ill
Its all about peace and love but sometimes you gotta kill
A track with fire, no chill
I literally don’t know chill
Im constantly pushing people away from me
Im like Constantine
I can’t figure it out, I got so much doubt, in my heart, but from the start, I just wanted people understand, you don’t have to live out the name of a brand
Being smart is cool but it doesnt mean you're a fool if you dropped out of school
Look at Bobby for example, he was going through a handful, of issues, till he said fuck it, and worked hard, and ended up in the 2013 issue of double XL
His story always helps me excel, propel, and raise the weight of all my lines, barbell
And I still want heaven
Even when im going through hell
But more than anything, more than diamond rings, more than golden chains, more than fast cars, and more than shooting stars, I just want a little happiness and bliss, for the whole world, thats really it
Don’t you think we all deserve it? dont think we all have a purpose? dont you think we all can how kindness? money is the real thing that blinds us
People fighting like titans for riches, women being called bitches, and true man being called snitches, its just sad
Why are we mad, why we gotta judge? why does it matter? we all just matter, is love really an abstract idea like the Mad Hatter?
If so, Alice needs to be in reality
Cause comparing a person from worth to salary
That shits just cowardly, thats just excess calories, added to ya soul
Now this whole songs just a cajole, that i hope sticks with you like glycerol, and I hope you can roll, with the idea, that we all here, we all in this present moment
I pray you and I both get to hold it!
[Chorus: Lucy Rose]
This is our time
Still I'm looking back, let me rewind
This is our ride
Don't let me lose my faith, let me rewind

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