Niggas been sampling
While I been scrambling
Lost in my in my head again

Hope looking paper thin
Hoping I make it in

Covered in all this sin
Anything for the win

Blood fill my fucking pen
No I can't overstate
Stay out my fucking way
Bus in the fucking lane

Flipping my fucking page
Feeling like Kano
Your heart in my fucking hand

Start of a monster reign
Shit you can't understand
No you can't count da frames

Smoking a half day
Call me da captain mane
Feeling like sanders
Old nigga but changing the standards

No time for the bullshit
Get high on these bama's
Been wit da trap shit, but changed up the standards
Stuck wit da program
Been gaining this traction

Wit all this action
This shit feeling natural
My presences is threatening
Don't sleep on me dammit

Yeah, caught rhythm like Marvin, young was starvin'
That shit was too often

Cracking the backwoods
And filling wit all of my fear and regrets

Burn that shit back keep my mind on what's next
Turnt like a vet , I try not to flex
Just count up these bodies, increasing my check

Trunk getting full, but I ain't done yet
Break out da mini van, serial threat
Leave no survivors won't aim for da vest

Hop outs be crucial, don't play wit my set
Moving in silence I promise I bless
Move like a god this shit ain't no test
Feeling like 0z I a god cause I said

Finish 'em

Been lit since 07, a space guy like kudi
Soul dripping so muddy, vibrations so brazy
My vision so hazy, can't see how you hate me
Authentic as fuck, like I'm luck, on a buck
Or I'm tuck, on the three, for da dream

Really gonna get by any means
Fleshing out all of my enemies
My flesh is departing, the tales done got started

Can't stop the progression, I'm losing my cautious
Been looking so zombied
Not fucking wit sleep, sleep for the rich

And I'm broke as bitch, so I grind to I'm dead
The color is red, not banging no sets
But watch what you saying

Fuck I'm just saying
This shit I been saying

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