Bow Promise

Lea’s Interlude


You'd love to know what it's like, won't you?

[Spoken Word]
The last encounter we had
She said you've made me feel
It's okay to be me

And although we understood her loud and clear
What was unforeseen that day
As we parted ways with Lea (Lea)
Stood at the door of our local Lush store
Was how those words would later resonate

[Sung interlude]
Meek in all her ways
Conducting herself like a true lady
That's Lea

So warm and pure
Her own strength wasn't even known to her

Glowing from the inside out
That's what true beauty is all about
Hey-eh yeah

This is from a woman to a woman, I am a woman
Telling a woman she's beautiful
Oh ohh-ohh

Now I can finally say that I love how it feels
Feels to be me, ooh
Uh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh


You'd love to know what it's like won't you?
What it feels like for a...

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About "Lea’s Interlude"

Lea’s Interlude is the start of the conclusion of the (Wo)Man EP. Having explored manhood for it’s beauty and it’s ugly comes self-reflection and self-realisation. Lea’s Interlude is a track dedicated to a woman named Lea. Bow Promise initially met and had a 90 minute conversation with her while shopping at her local Lush store. Leona Francisca later met Lea at the same store and they both described her in the same way. Having felt moved by their individual encounters with her, they decided to visit her together.

On the day of their visit, they shared their thoughts on meeting her and how they described her as “magnetic”, “warm” and had an “inner glow”. After parting ways with Lea and leaving the store, Lea called them back and said “Thank you! Because you’ve told me it’s okay to be me.” They promised her that they would write her a song in the hope that it would inspire her to write again.

A couple of years later, Bow had finished watching Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and feeling moved by the display of personal growth that she could relate to at the time. She realised Beyoncé was realising at the end of the album, it’s okay to be her, at which point Lea’s words came to mind and decided what was a 5-track EP needed an interlude for Lea to introduce G(IRL).

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