Nila Said It?

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When you have power over someone, you can control their every being to the core.
They venerate you from head to toe and its only you that they adore.
I fell into that spell , and I honestly can't remember who I am anymore.

The power of the tongue lies not only in the words that they generate to be spoken
It is found in the concoction of two lips and in the vulnerability of a heart that is broken.
When beautifully crafted it provides comfort and recovery as if it were a chronic disease with a cure.
And not even the wisest will be able to infer, and the power of the control in disguise won't fail to allure.

Im swept away and engulfed entirely by the cryptic magic within your eyes
And I would drink every drop of you even if it were the synonym of my demise
Although you conspicuously ventriloquize my emotions, I run to you so my inner demons may compromise
I feel filthy without your majestic touch so please don't let me rot, for only you can sanitise

The lost soul of a human looking for themselves in thee.
The unrequited infatuation planted deeply inside me slowly kills me, thats why sometimes I weep.

Im sick of this shit, why do I treat you like a god?
Why is it that the image of you leaves me irrevocably awed?
Why do I try to lose you through deliberate and conscious acts of sin?
Why is it that I can't find solace in those Friday night glasses of gin?

Allured by the inexplicable and perfect existence of all that is you and all that it true and all that gives my world its hue.
The smell of your skin, the contagion of your smile, the mystery of the labrythins of your mind, the endless roads with endless miles.

If i was ever rich, for you I vow to fall eternally and be poor
Power is control and control is surrender, you fascinate me, into you I'm shackled, into you I'm allured.

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