Yea ain't done this is a minute but..

Bobby bucher bitch

Tell your girl

They think i died
Yea i think i died
I’m still alive
Hold up
Still alive x2

Too much love
I told you wait until they hate it
Underground rappers
Digging till they go too far cave in
I dug a way out to the surface
Seen you way in
Seen some getting tattoos just to try
To fit in
Thats cool really i don’t knock it
Been to your shows like really you not popping
But i ain’t aiming at your art just your eye socket
Had to really bring the jazz no John Stockton
Had to leave this in the past ain’t passed by it
Ain’t around i murdered Sev skipped town
And stayed quiet
I stayed true to my self
Still on a high and I’m highest
Like I’m the sun keep the sky lit
Hold my soul till they pry it
Fuck you i started digging again
Almost lost my life in a fucking car accident
And still went on tour straight out the hospital bed
See there ain’t nothing you can say to my head
They think i died they be thinking I’m dead
I’m still alive gold chains gold teeth making bread
They think i died
Yea i think i died
I’m still alive
Hold up
Still alive x2

I ain’t stopping .. not in my plans
I sacrificed a lot of love for the devil to dance
Cause i ain’t hear from god
First time revs hit me for a tour i quit my job
Just so i can hear y’all scream Sev Hop
And its so crazy my life crazy my fans hate me
I been patient i hate waiting
We finally did it
Buried severe in my backyard and kept the mission
Bobby from that resurrection
I had a lot of time to think asleep on medication
And i ain’t never been the same so i changed directions
I lost a lot of loved ones i lost a lot of fans
A lot of firm believers started throwing sand
Trying to blind me
Hit Esume up and started trying to find me
Dawg you forever family
Same goes for Yonp.. and anybody out that got me
I need paper i fold it like origami
Theres an aura around me
They haven’t caught me
Soul to expensive the devil hasn’t bought me
Theres no more Sev but theres more to Bobby
Linked up with chase and start cooking fuck everybody
We gon run it and we ain’t sharing nothing
Life a bitch tried to swallow me whole i had to cut the stomach
All these haters watching me tho and they leaving comments
I don’t even read em no more i don’t see shit in common
I don’t even read em no more ain't got nothing in common
(ay twoheads hitting me)
They think i died
Yea i think i died
I’m still alive
Hold up
Still alive x2

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