...I slash the belly
Remove the guts
Like I move the crowd
I don’t like nothing i can’t say loud
I don’t like nowhere i can’t be loud

I’m gonna snatch the mic
Like i slash the belly
Remove the guts
Like I move the crowd
I don’t like nothing i can’t say loud
I don’t like nowhere i can’t be loud

Grip the mic like it's made for me
Move the crowd and the earth and the sea
I wrote the hook in my infancy
I wrote the hook when I was dead asleep
Y'all ain't half as vocab as me
Please use new words when you harassing me
Real nonchalant
I mean casually
Y’all nonplussed as fuck
It just don't add up
I don't like to get mad at math cause
I probably deserve all the slings that come from the problems I would not solve um
Grip the ice like it's made of fleece
I'm cold man I'm fucking freezing
Kryptonite is my antifreeze
Y’all cold why you need a heater
Y'all fold like a quesadilla
Hold up
I need a new medium
How about I use me as medium for electricity
I'mma dump all the brushes
Fill pots and pans
Find a downed power line
And I'mma take a stand
Rock some L.L. Bean
I hit that
LL England
I look like LBJ
When I'm receiving briefings
Done cracked a code man
I'm crypto creeping
I went online and bought me a Beretta with bitcoin
Only gonna use the shit to soak my dreads
I mean I would if I could get up out this bed
I promise y'all I’m tryna get up out this bed
I'm giving it my all to get up out this bed

I showed up late to the function
Feel like I fucked up
Weep in the whip
Turns out I done blew it all out of proportion before I find out that I needn't've tripped
I twist, contort, and stretch and rip the track
I twist, contort myself to fit the fabric
Ripping seams is tantamount to havoc
Take the pain because I got to have it
Truly figurative
Truly up in this
Truly corporeal form
I’m immortal
Truly affordable
Formerly hoarding my serotonin
Then felt my head hit the floor when
Three mimosa brunches take the place of any medication
I don’t like the sense of all my senses being dulled unless i made it happen
So I’m best with duress

Rip the guts and I spill them out
And I leave them all on now-crimson tile
Lay my rhymes out in single file
If you tryna walk on a golden mile
I seize the means of production
Like I seize the hearts of the crowd
I give the People permission to leave their seats
And then to get loud
Hold up, wait

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About "E-Vizzer 8"

The title of the song is a reference to the hook. To eviscerate is to remove the organs from someone’s abdomen.

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