Eating these hatters like taters south side cream cheese with the bagel man and my sauce is so fuego I just might wear me a dego Satan is crying like April I just might do him like Able we could't afford any cable now seven kids seven tables Jesus could've been working at staples but he decided to save souls he steady be on his dads flow now Satan steady on crash course do him like Vader and force choke now I need help from the course Scream no god like Jehovah please don't act like I ain't told yah man this shit is sick like ammonia swear I've been crawling since o 1 man I've been balling since fetus when you hit me up I'm on venus, hay ya'll did't know me , ya'll just saw anotherboy in the hallway now ya'll around me like all day loving the music did'nt seek pay no watch me shoot up real quick for Gods sake writing five songs in the same day I am the strawberry's in the special K do't give a damn bout what you say I never get to hit the hay ya'll don't have the vocab on what to say got lost in the song like it's a maze and I amaze you bout every day and I swear that my hit is so fuego we built it together like legos swear that my hit is so fuego putting these rappers to shame though and I merch it that it's fuego do not need the whole industry but I'm still hot with no label your numbers are dropping check your bankroll got all of these options like bank roll and all my hit is so Fuego be like Chicago let it rain on you like I'm J cole more dangerous than a shark with no tank though you in something sticky like maple this is no fable

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