Will and The Dicks

Style De La Dick

in Cancer


[Hook: Tyrone]
Said I don't wanna, I just wanna see
Your sexy lady walking down
And I just wanna know
Can I fuck your girl long dick style?
Long dick style yeah

[Verse 1]
I might be hot but I got that ice nigga
You might act big but i guarantee I'm twice bigger
I hang with rich crews making them nice figures
And pulling nice bitches and pulling nice triggers
Bang bang bang bang bang bang! Six hits
Leaving you bleeding inside of big ditch
Depleting my seamen all over your bitch tits
Long dick style, the style of the big dick
I'm a hard stoner, love to buff bongs
I got a hard boner, roughly a foot long
Causing explosions, leaving your hut gone
Hut three, hut two, hut one, bomb!
I rap hard shit straight from the black market
You're all soft cunts but you act hardest
And that's that sort of attitude that I despise
The type of pricks to say 'it's not all about size' (fuck off)

[Hook: Tyrone]
[Verse 2]
Fucking this bitch pussy while I'm baked as bun
Raping her cunt, making her bum shake in the sun
I'm aching to cum but don't want to make her a mum
So I did it and force fed her a whole crateful of rum
The next day she said she's got a baby and rabies
So I stabbed her and buried her body under the aviary
So from that day on I promised to stick to anal
I don't care if the whore says the dick's too painful
I got stressed and went to purchase some smack
From roaches and rats snatching purses for cash
Exchanging some skag for a verse and a rap
Feel like Amy Winehouse reversing to black
You already know, I'm all down for heroin
Coz it's one of the few things that I find pleasure in
It's up there with fucking bitches and causing damage
And making tracks with the title in Spanish (Style De La Dick!)

[Hook: Tyrone]

I don't want to be, I just want to see
My dick in your bitch's pussy

[Hook: Tyrone]
You know what I'm talking about
My name's Will and The Dicks
And I'm here to fuck your wife long dick style
Style de la dick, that's my style
Will and The Dicks, Tyrone
It's cancer

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