Tuff Crew

My Part of Town


[Verse 1 - Ice Dog]
Rock on
Ecknowla(ecknowledge) my song
Bring my posse along to the party, the danger zone
From the heart is in effect, so I say, buddy study
Think and learn, dig the move we made
Stunnin' dudes who just can't behave
Discipline, here's a hint
It comes from the Crew and Too Tuff!
All up in you with the formula
Coming from me cause no one told ya
Of a [?]
This ain't no joke Jimmy
I ain't playin'
I'm hardcore, straigh up raw
I'm the overlord, Ice Dog clockin'
But no, as if you didn't know
Frontin on the scene when its time to go
Asking for a number from any member
Of the Tuff Crew band, remember
Jackin on my tip, overtipping my shoulder
I'll be a soldier, a king rolla
Smashing dudes who stand in my path
Counting 'em down, like math
Planning, mapping, rapping 'em down
For my part of town
*(so damn) scratches*

[Verse 2 - L.A. Kidd]
Yes we're back, another verse of rap
Another tune of bars to star
Yo in the back he's
Illin', chillin', villain, thrillin'
Sure shot, clock and rock to the point of no return
Or to the point of madness, and burn
Starters across suckas or a new jack
In case you never need that, the crew is back
Check out the scenery (damn)
You're not the future, you're history
You try to compete and bust the crew
But when we came to battle where the fuck were you
Hardcore, or wax and I sell it
That's how we roll so that's how I tell it
Call it dope, call it what ya want
But the fact remains we gettin' paid up front
Tax, free, money in my pocket
Trim from the ladies cuz I know they jock it
The superior, on the mic when needed
Surprise call, cycles completed
Facts I gather, position is stronger
Remain and live just a little bit longer
As I pound you down with the funky sounds
For my part of town

[Verse 3 - Tone Love]
Spending dough, wasting time
On a so called ryhme
A so called rapper with a so called beat
All that shit is weak!
Keeping my stand, yo tell me man
I can't understand, this dude and
What we're coming to, what is wrong with you
What you're trying to do, yo
Once again the judge with the grudge
The jury with fury to stomp on ya mug
Yes ofcourse I rap cuz you take
Make no mistake I called you a fake
BS walking
Money is talking
I'll retaliate, but wait
For the beat to come back in
Stop slacking off cuz I'm packing gyms
Club, jams, name 'em all
We bring down a wall
Down with my boys cause I gotta be down
For my part of town (yeah)

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About "My Part of Town"

My Part of Town contains samples from “Street Games” by the Blackbyrds, “Think (About it) Lyn Collins and "Tough” by Kurtis Blow.

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