I've given up being exhausted all the time feel the rush of anxiety
A burning in my veins
Makes me feel that I'll never take control
Get me out
I can't stand to be alone
Ashamed of being the let down
You can't save me with good intentions
What's happening to me?
Hopeful but still afraid
I'll continue down this path until
My shadow starts to fade
All that I can take seems to follow me around
I can't seem to shake them from my head
Is it all imitation? Are we feeding on repetition?
Just spit it out, take control of your life
Although my body is beaten and worn
Bruised and bleeding
My body is beaten and worn still I rebuild and carry on
I've fucking had enough of all the shit that you've fed to me
I wanna be numb but not addicted to this
I made a promise to myself this would never take me over never pull me under
An emptiness
A hollow heart
All that's left of this hollow heart
Is knowing that I can't be hurt again
I feel like it's dragging me down
I feel like shit, its dragging me down

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