It's so hard to hold on

My heart is beating faster than ever before
Shut the fuck up
You've dragged this on for too fucking long
I'm trying so god damn hard
Not to give up
I can't go on
Being this miserable
And insecure

Again and again
I fall back to nothing
No hands to reach
And it's leaving me drowning

This has to mean something
There's got to be more to this
I'm sick of feeling everything that I can't explain
Breaking down
Whilst breaking away

I am surrounded
Still completely alone
And if I never give up
Will it ever be good enough
Build up these walls
Just to have them knocked back down
Pull me up
Have you seen me living this nightmare
Seen me in agony?
'Cause I see no other
I see no other for a helping hand
It seems we got to find our way alone
I think I need a sign
Or I won't make it past the morning light

I just need something
I just need someone
To show me it's gonna be alright
It's gonna be just fine

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