Silent Screams

Separation Of...


Today I feel defeated, you did this to me
The strings have snapped and beginning to eviscerate
Throat clenched until the air stops
Throat clenched until I can pull it together
It took all of me to stop my hands from shaking
You think you know somebody until they become someone else
These walls have never seemed so empty
Pacing through desolate rooms
I’ll never find out why
And I hope your happier now
It took all of me to stop myself from tearing out
Your selfish fucking tongue and walking away, cunt
I don’t give a fuck anymore because love never gave a fuck about me
I don’t give a fuck anymore because everything is dead and buried
And after all the ache and the upset
Now I don’t care
We let the world burn around us
We let the world turn to ashes
Everything we had is lost

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