Day in day out
We all walk the fine line
Between heaven and hell
Cherish the time you have
Although it be gone tomorrow
Guiding light
Hope for now
Have I seen all I’m meant to see?
Or is there so much more
Is it all downhill from here? Is it all?
If I hang on just a little longer
How much longer
I’m losing my grip
We’re just echoes in the storm
Though lost, unheard, we’ll never be alone
Right now I’m at the edge of the rope
I’m holding on to stop from snapping the bone
Hold me up and I know
I’ve been here before
This place feels the same
The noose is still warm
I thought this darkness had gone
It never really left at all
It’s hard looking in from the outside
When everything feels wrong
I’m not the same anymore
So wrap me up in all my regret and bury me beneath the leaves
Maybe then I will be at peace
I don’t ever think but I can hope
It got easier it gets easier
I don’t ever think but I can hope
It gets easier
Hope for now

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