Fell 4 U

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[Intro: REVOREV]
Fell for you baby 8x
Fell for you baby
You 4x
Fell for you baby 2x
Nobody else but you
Nobody else but
Nobody else but you
Nobody else but
Nobody else but you you you

[Verse: REVOREV]
Friday afternoon saw this cute chick
Walking with her friends looking so slick
So in my mind I'm thinking
Making up a plan
How do I nail this bitch ?
Show her I'm the man
So basically I'll have to lie
Make it seem like I'm a good guy
When actually I'm juss trynna fuck
And if I don't fake it I won't get none
Yeah it's sad but it works like that
Gotta put that whole Hollywood act
That ass be that Oscar clapping on my lap
Yo MEL Gibson better watch his back
Now she's walking damn straight on my direction
OMG I just caught an erection
Look at her getting all the attention
Baby goo
Go go go go yeh

Go ahead baby glow baby glow
Go ahead steal the show steal the show

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