(Verse 1)
I'm the smiling clown in irony
I don't know how to take a joke
I'm the reject who let go but oddly, my one finger seems to be tight latching on to hope
Shadow consoles, when me and friend on mirror haven't spoke
For a while now he's been ignored, cuz reflection is a confrontation and truth... well thanks but no thanks
I've fed on lies so much I am the shallow
A simple sturdy frame of a broken fluke
I can't believe I wasted all of yesterday wishing for a genie's flask
If he offered 1, between agony, suffocation or a silent exit, which would I pick
Tick, tick, tick, the clock stops to watch me wither and break
I Coil in corners when I'm rattled like snake
Give me a break, enough with the pity, even your kids got that look
Some of them got a bad sense of humor
They poke and prick me from my sleep with blunt sticks
And I'm supposed to take it as a joke
Maybe I should buy a mask, crack a smile and have you join me laugh it off
Maybe I should buy a mask with a crack that looks like a smile, so we can both have something to laugh at
My smiling face is a cracked mask, you can pass I know what I'm laughing at
Its just, you look so concerned and content after you toss me that hard earned coin
Its funny that you don't see when you've been played

(Verse 2)
I need a shrink, I think, I've been hearing this voice, for a while now
In mind, in my sleep it whispers
Its all there in your eyes
Its pointless to fake the surprise
I know you, I've been ever here since I'll even see your demise
Every-time you blink you flicker off sprinkles of your past experiences
Walking against the wall as if you're trying to get it to help you shed off your memories

Unclothed, I'm cold, wrapped the spark of my conceit, I'm cold
I'm cold almost soulless like a manikin
The cold breeze searches its way in past my box sheets only to dance my skin into a shiver
I find pleasure in opening shutters and blinds
You eyes give me life
The mesmerize is reason I be
Heartfelt in honesty
I don't care if y'all hate me
I'm making sure I never get to hate me for trying to make you happy
Everything goes slow in my eyes, and yet ever so quick in your real life
I realize there's meaning in being ass
Oh please flatter me
I look like everything I am not
Smarty pants tell me why
Why don't we try to lie
For once we'll behave, you like me and I'll pretend I care if you die
I lost all sentiments the moment I forgot to be a person
I've got problems beyond comprehension
What's there to mention?
Could you understand beauty beyond description?
Or my life being bliss, from forgotten frustration?
I've never tried to explain myself to y'all
There's a stench about me that fends you off like mosquito coil
Of cause I'm proud
I've made concrete warm, seen it crack and from beneath came the fresh scent of soil
You bicker, where do I live?
Where do you live?
The sky is my roof, compare your mansions and fenced acres, to my meters & meters of sidewalks
My lighting is a serene flash of ever changing ambience
Okay, on bad days it leaks, well it pours actually, but isn't that what you call a free shower
I thrive off the dark corners that make you cower
Five-star cuisine buffet in rusty bin tins free for me to devour
I've got mind power
Its my perspective
The reason I found treasure in what you call trash
The joke's on you and you don't get it
I found treasure in what you call trash
The joke's on you and you don't get
Gold, diamonds and platinum all come from dirt
It's my perspective

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