in Allure


[Verse 1: REVOREV]
I've been trying to go low
Regardless of the situation
Got shawtys trying to make it easy
Ain't got no problems making it easy
Problem is she love for sure
I ain't even been around the world
The lust and the temptation
That's all a nigga is thinking

[Bridge: REVOREV]
She didn't quit she's a fighter
I want more I can't deny enough
Go girl Go
You want me

[Verse 2: REVOREV]
Now you say you have a man
If thats right why you calling me?
About him I don't give a damn
Cause in the end you still love me
So stop tripping and admit it
Cause you know I really fucks with you
I'm not asking you leave him
I'm just making sure it's not me you lose
Cause tomorrow you never know
What might happen on the low
To be real I might be gone
So stop making all the shows
What goes around comes around
Don't go nowhere stand your ground
We got past we got history
Future depends must be a mystery

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