C Diggity Dog

Pinkie in the Stinkie


Pinkie in the Stinkie

Ya (x2)
That’s how your bitch sounded last night when I fucked her, nigga
Ya (x1) uh (x1)
I just fucked your bitch nigga, don’t be a snitch nigga
Imma do it bitch nigga I don’t give a fuck nigga
Fucking bitches
Every single day killing snitches every single way
Fucking bitches right inside their assholes
Lifting weights bitch I’m getting swole

Your bitch said no
That means yes
So I nutted across her chest
That shit was a mother fucking fountain
That shit got all inside of her mouth and in her pussy
In her ass and in her ears and in her fucking nose nigga

Don’t give a fuck what you think
Imma put my finger in the stink
Rub your bitches clit till she fucking melts
Then I whip that cunt with some fucking belts
BDSM is the way to go
Do it to yours and the other niggas hoe
Do it all night long
Then I have that bitch suck my fucking dong
All the way her fucking throat
My 3 inch makes her fucking choke
C DIGGITY DOG signing off

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