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I am passion, I am pain, I am joy, I am anger, I am acceptance, I am rejection, I am compassion ,I am war, I am peace
I am……
I have tried, I have failed, I have succeeded, I have been punished, I have learned what a blessing it is to be redeemed
And through this merciful act of grace, which by no means do I deserve I was able, to convert my wicked nature
From that of an injured furious viper full of venom ready to strike at any moment, into a humble hardworking man with a strong desire to get ever closer to my savior Jesus Christ
It does not matter that a year ago I was a self-destructive degenerate, flying fast and flying super high in a lifestyle that had a final destination of annihilation
What matters is that I am no longer incarcerated in that lifestyle and I stand before your very eyes faithful in doing my father’s work
Come what may I will not quit, so even when I face setbacks I will not fail
I will ignore the voice of doubt and I will not get caught up in the distractions of life
I shall not succumb to the tricks of the adversary as he attempts with great effort to prevent me from fulfilling my destiny
Because I am inspired, I am motivated
I am passion, I am pain
I am the sun that shines through the rain
I am committed I am determined
I am Love

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