I should have known you would catch me I ran as fast as I possibly could I thought I was safe but I was moving too fast
It was like I pushing a Maserati to its top speed on an open highway
Passing life as I watched through my rear-view I figured if I could outrun you then I would stay a step ahead of you
Little did I know, you were way ahead of me and you caught me
As soon as I got comfortable no as soon I slowed down no
It was when I stopped moving there you were and that’s when I saw it all
The vital things I did not notice before all the warning signs I could not recognize, everything I thought I’d left behind
It’s almost funny that I ran so hard and far to get away from you but I ran right to you
Now I am engulfed in misery my bleeding feet are severely wounded even they weren’t, I realize that I can as far as my heart desires ultimately, there is no escaping me

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