Hometown Heroes


"Hometown Heroes"


Who I do it for
They say I do it for the home team
We hold it down for the hometown
Underground kings in our city
With no crown
Scared of the sound
So they tried to bury us in the ground
But little did they know we were seeds
And we grown now
I'm on now
The kids that live in my city are gone wild
Little miss 16 pluses having their own job
Money to the ceiling why I won't smile
Cause everybody that I know now
Trying to fit in a profile
I know how easy it is to live wrong
All I use to want to do was hit bongs and sing songs
And pray I don't sing my way into sin sin
Over the physical pain not having things bring
Speedin' across state lines
Like I'm trying to evade time
Never could make time so I'm trying to save mine
Still the same my name killing the game I'm
Forever ready when it's stage time stage time

[40 Deebz:]
They think they know the half right
They don't know a fraction
I'm back in the sticks
That my dad use to pitch his crack in
Till his friend got pinched
And he would continue yappin'
And my dad was in shackles
Before I realized what happened
This is back when I made
Being absent for class look like passion
Low on cash grandparents struggled
Balancing the rations
Me and my cousin sprayed walls
A talentless attraction
No shining armor
Moving through the night
Like an assassin on bikes
We were just asking for trouble
A man tattling
The cops stop and question us
And hear the cans rattling
And 20 years later here I am
Born in 94' before I was created by the fans
And hated for my plans
Got sedated while I can
And these days I hardly feel related to my fam
I sit around patiently just waiting to expand
And still give everybody's explanation an exam
I use to put a lot of concentration
Into scams back when I would puff trees
On probation in the jam
Reservation concentration camp
Most wanna escape but can't
They're the reason that you'll fill my rain
Without a sacred dance
Western films left us fiending for a victory
Evil indigenous wickedness
Now seeing this shit consistency
In it till it’s a casket
Mastering the tracklist
With raps that hit
With as much impact as a packed fist
I strike and hold heat like a match stick
So if we ever clash
Your classics will get their ass kicked
I practice till there's not much
Of a sacrifice every time I grab the mic
And half the time my raps are nice
But act as if I know I fail
Stumbled off the sober trail
Trying to stay afloat in the ocean
With a broken sail
(Trying to stay afloat)

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