Dead Ritual



Not this again
You need to run those lips, don't ya?
Why don't you swallow a pill and shut the hell up
I'm sure your needs are more important than my wants
But I don't care

I had that dream again
It's like my brain put it on repeat
The thought of it won't get out of my head
That simple kiss on the cheek
It's all I'd ever need
To feel a little less depressed
Waking up reminds me of the pain I live with
The pain I have to live in without it

It happened again
I don't care for you
But you showed up in my dream again
Just stop it already
It always reminds me how lonely I am
In my waking life

You worthless spec of dust
If I can't live, you can't either
I can't have the things I desire
I'll press my foot on your skull
Keeping your head in the ground
Come on, one of these days
You're bound to bite the dust

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