First World

Hip Hop’s Not Over


You can't have hip (without the hop)
Funky def too (so the people never stop)
Pump it up loud (play it in your jeep)
Pump it late at night (so the city never sleeps)
Awww yeah, in the house tonight
Live from Fort Greene, First World
The R.E.V and Knowledge Born
And we gonna take it to head
Nine square style

[Verse 1: Knowledge Born]
This is a secret that was kept
No need for me to run around with a tec
But it doesn't matter whether a nigga may be strappin'
Give me the mic and I'll show you that I'm packin'
Cracking up beats and rhymes in my head
Don't you know the suckers said Hip Hop music's dead
Hip hop music coming out of the past
Here's to the suckers who said it wouldn't last
It's 1994 it's still ripping and wrecking shop
Wanted by my people cause my music is Hip-Hop
I got the streams of fire and I'm slinging up mad dough
Burning up the crosses, dropping lessons that I wrote
I gotta get a crown for my lyrical insight
Dropping ghetto styles cause the people get mad hype
So here's where I begin my friend, I might rhyme in the end
They be trying to take my peep, but it's about to end

[Verse 2: The R.E.V.]
Don't you dare touch it, let it kick so you can bust it
Here in nine square cold kicking with the roughness
Always kinds of punks who try to sabotage me, hush you
They wanna ban rap shit, yet they use them in commercials
Tryna kill off DJs by using CDs
Wanna censor rhymes, to kill off all the MCs
And yet Hip-Hop's still hittin'
Brothers as ya came, moving strong on the mission
Next up is me, to set my thoughts free
Teach you the truth about our own history
Yo its time for me to add on 'cause they put the baton
Our reputations negative we dissin' all the rap songs
Housing police, let it kick off if there was peace
Brothers from the projects was the ones with the guns like the beast
As the style went on so many things got colder
But no matter what they did yo, hip hop is still not over

Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop not not not over
Hip hop
Hip hop
Hip hop
Hip hop

[Verse 3: Knowledge Born]
Soon as the plot's dropped you tryna stop hip hop
I'm really fed up, when will this madness just stop
I drop fucking facts [?] on a track
Kicking rappers to the curb cause they style is whack
First World, ambassadors of hardcore hip hop
Teaching and reaching in the places where we stomp
The harder the beat then the stronger that we flow
I flip with the skills so you can see what a brother know
Brothers from the Fort [?], we crept and stepped in
Yeah you know that we don't need a weapon
But sometimes we strap up, we think that's rough
Why is that? Cause we gotta call a nigga's bluff!
Got it goin' on, gotta keep it strong
Gotta make it last to a show, grab the cash and dash
A dog MC of a real strong breed
Guarantee to give the people just what they need

Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop not not not over
Hip hop
Hip hop
Hip hop
Hip hop

[Verse 4: The R.E.V.]
I'd never trust the Devil with my life or my rhymes
Put my life before the loot or put my neck on the line
Although the Devil come in all shapes and all colors
Before I trust another guy, gotta be able to trust my brothers
And if I can't then I won't, at least I know I tried
And if it don't work then I tell 'em step aside
How many brothers asked me for my beats
Made up rhymes so weak and put the day time asleep
When I move, there ain't no stopping us now
Like McFadden and Whitehead I'ma motivate the crowd
Now pick it up, pick it up, attract it like a magnet
Spike Lee already got it, now the rap's gotta have it
Tribe Called Quest, Flavor Flav, and The Flavor Unit
Wreckx-n-Effect made the honeys wanna zoom it
Now it's First World, growing larger, getting older
Letting suckers know that hip hop is not over

Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop not not not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop is not over
Hip hop not not not over

Aww yeah
I like the way this is going down
(I hear that, God)
Rolling in the nine square
First World posse and we in full effect
Man, shout out to First Sound Productions
Maltar Management, the Bloodfunk
Romance and Champagne
The Brooklyn Assault Team
And the whole First World posse
Man, shout out to the underground and commercial hip hop DJ's

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