I am soul deep like a mid-nineties R&B love song but being in two thousand and sixteen, I am extremely out of my element
As I convey the carnage all around me I am pained to realize that the beautiful plan I concocted has gone horribly awry
I wish I had the tears to weep without restraint because it is apparent that life as I know it will never be the same again
And in these fleeting last moments that I live as the man I have always been before I am forced to adapt to the harsh reality that I alone created with my cursed wreck less ambition,
and at the very least become a scavenger, lest I succumb to this dreaded situation and perish I humble myself and strip naked out of my ego and pride
I fell victim to the lusts of my eyes and flesh and to be honest my vanity has entrapped me I pray to God for the fortitude, endurance and wit to turn this awful predicament into an opportunity to completely evolve and ascend through a stratosphere few have breached

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