Bad Bitch Only


[Verse 1]
Run it up inside LA
Throw the extras in the safe
Said she fucking with the wave
Told her she should demonstrate
Grew up right around the way
No them boys don't play
I want pay, pay, pay
And my clothes look straight
Need a bad bitch only
I don't play bout my money
Hands never getting dirty
Tell my nigga do it for me
Know that boy like Rory
Back down like Oakley
Now back to the old me
Duck swerve from the police
Know them boys can't hold me
Know the game too well
You the type that might tell
We hit LA-LA-L
Said your nigga too boring
Know these labels can't afford me
Basic bitches ain't for me
If it ain't gas it ain't for me
All of these bitches we made it
Run up the digits, spread it
All of these bitches we did it

[Verse 2]
Need a bad bitch
Get some paper on the go
She just wanna fucking smoke
Said I get her in the zone
Fuck nigga too close
Keep some real ones close
Boy snakes in the grass
Cut it, load it, gon show
Couple niggas changed on me
Given up names on me
She get what she waiting on me
Call her finna same story
Stack it up take a trip
Move around make a flip
Bitches knowing who we is
We just getting what we give
Said she looking for the man
I make five into a ten
I ain't looking for no friends
No we don't know who you is
Yeah these niggas get tense
I'm still running round my ends
Smoking cosy in the Benz
Swear this shit the best revenge
You know squad like bros
You know Kevins like bros
Style on em poor fools
We just living hella low
Boys better get their window
We just out here getting wins though
Young niggas too reckless
Please tell me who gon test us?
All of these bitches we made it
Run up the digits, spread it
All of these bitches we did it

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