Nathaniel Terrell

Seeing the good through the bad and ugly


Seeing The Good Through The Bad And Ugly

I feel like there is a tightening noose around my neck that bares the weight of a massive millstone
I take in my surrounding in this strange land and I look upon the faces of all the beautiful people
Here I don’t feel like an unwelcome foreigner, I feel more like an alien
My intentions are pure and they come from a good heart
Still they are offensive and misunderstood
What am I doing? I don’t recognize the man I have become,
even with the many positive changes I have made, frustration still burns like an inferno
Although the pain has lessened, anger still resonates within
Chaos I know, agony I am kin to, failure torments me
Yet, I am full of passion, fire and love
I have been a rebel for as long as I can remember, my tactics and motives may have changed
But the civil war raging inside will never die
The more I live the more I see that everything that I am working so hard to obtain
And all that I am praying for can be snatched from me in the twinkling of an eye
And once I meet my demise all that I have amassed will stay in this realm and most likely be
squandered by undeserving fools
This spiritual warfare that I cannot escape is grueling.
Jesus said “if any man thirst let him come to me and drink”
Well father I am dehydrated, right now I am deeply discouraged
Since the path I walk is a solitary one, I must encourage myself
I am confident in my abilities; my faith is secure as I ignore the strong voice of doubt
Yes the adversary is throwing many fiery arrows but I know that no weapon formed shall prosper
Father I will praise your name in all things and your grace is sufficient
I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am called according to your purpose
I do not understand your plan for me and what I’m going through hurts like hell
But I give you thanks, all praise and the honor
Because I know that somehow some way it is all going to work out for my good
For everything there is a season and I know that eventually my change will come
Courage resides in my heart; the anointing is in my spirit and I have received power through you
And through you oh lord I will conquer strongholds of the adversary
I will bless those that will accept it
And I will strengthen my brothers and protect my sisters
For the path of my destiny leads to greatness
but I must walk through the bad and the ugly

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