Help the people
And if you're homesick
Give me your hand and I'll hold it x2

CallyWoozers -
Its Crazy To Believe
How Much Someone Can Actually Mean To You
To Tell The Truth
That One Person Can Mean The World
But Outta Nowhere
Everything Gets Hurled
The One Strong Bond Gets Swirled and Twirled
Ripped From The Existence of The Modern World
And Taken Taken To The Spiritual One
Man This Ain't Fun
Makes You Realize How Quickly Friendships Can Break Apart
One of You Aren't Tryna Fix It;
You Ain't Smart
Always Try To Fix What's Broken
And Stay Hoping
Its as Successful As Your Hemoglobin
Pay Attention While These Rhymes Are Toting
A Loving Friendship Can Be as Potent
As Poison Ivy
Where You Eyes Be
Tearing Up
Cause You Miss That One Best Friend
But Deep Down Inside
When You Cried You Realized It Was Always Gonna Happen
Wanna Know What The Worst Feeling Is?
It's Mentally Bleeding
But The Person You'd Go To When You Needed The Healing Just Told You She's Leaving
And As She Walks Away For The Next Couple Days
Weeks Or Months
You'll Be Grieving
In Another Sense
Cause You Aren't Sure Whether She Committed Suicide
Due To The Oppression Of Her Depression!
Help the people
And if you're homesick
Give me your hand and I'll hold it x2

Audio Insult -
You Need To Step Up
Do What You Can To Change This World
You Need Help From Family, Friends and Your Girl
You Need That Hand To Guide Your Way
You Need That Light To Grow Everyday
Do Whatever I Say
Put Your Hands In The Air
Lets All Join Forces
Human Beings Ain't All About The Houses and Porsche's
Friendship Is whats Needed
They're The Ones Who Help You Past All of Your Grieving
But Lets Rewind
You Know You Need To Leave All Them Snakes Behind
Keep Good Thoughts In Your Mind
Don't Let Them Control Your Life
Keep The Realest People
The Ones Like You
Considering Everyone Equal
Word Up To The 'People'
All Them Bad Thoughts
Push Outta Your Brain
Don't Be Like Others And Leave a Friendship In Vain
Here We Go Again
Friendship Is The Thing In Life To Save
All This Shit Needs To Change

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About "People"

CallyWoozers Spits About How it Feels Losing a Close Friend That Just Walked Away From Him and others.

Audio Insult Then Spits About How To Deal With it, Mainly Via Putting Your Mind on Different Things

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