LeVeon Bell

Shrimp Bayless


[Verse 1]
Yeah, Shrimp Bayless
I been hearing you lately
You love Jerry way too much
You acting like yall related
I got the hall of fame waiting
I'm the best and you hate it
I don't know why you hating
I don't know why you hate me
Prolly cuz my name is mentioned close with some of the greatest
And they talking bout patience you close a test on my patience
You say whatever for ratings
I'm not blind I can see it
You say I'm just an average running back
No way you believe it
You talking down for no reason
Talking down for no reason
Cuz you know my numbers crazy when I'm done with the season
Sometimes I hate that you breathing
Think you sick as a germ
You keep on talking all that nonsense Imma call Richard Sherm
Yeah, I'm like Steph I'm not missing
I told you I'm on a mission
And the shrimp didn't listen
Undisputed was tempting
But I couldn't get wit it
You wanna talk for attention
Well look, here's your attention, yuh

[Verse 2]
Yuh, they wanna hate on me but I don't get
People mad at me that I'm balling
I'm out here speeding
People know that I got the flow
They don't know what to do
Not a clue
Like the DJ so I'm on the ones and twos
Yeah, this is all perfect timing
And I'm known to tote the rock
And I don't mean Dwayne Johnson
They upset cuz the money on my conscience
You don't think that I'm the best
Then stay away with all that nonsense

[Verse 3]
Yeah, now back to you hating
I don't care what you saying
All these beats I be slaying
I think I'm hotter than satan
I don't know why you playing
My music only turning up like I done went Super Saiyan
All this money is raining
I can't stop it from raining
These dollars running they mouths
So I'm rapping like Shady
I don't need me a savings
The money do a 180
The Shrimpy know he act crazy
Deflate ya just like I'm Brady, yuh
I guess your visions a blur
Guess the only way you like me if I play for the Spurs
I think the Cowboys hard-on is about to get on my nerves
Keep on talking that mess
This will only get worse
Post Interview is on the way
The tape isn't worse
Still nobody wanna mess with me
I'm worse than a curse
I'm always bringing that heat
And I stay with that heat
Shrimps they talking bout me
Like I'm Odell on the beat, yuh

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About "Shrimp Bayless"

This song, by NFL running back Leveon Bell, takes shots at Skip Bayless, hence the name of the song; Shrimp Bayless.

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