Ian Shimizu

Back right on up (Battle rap)


Back right on up

(Verse 1) I got the gaze like chuck Hayes
I'm from sd and was never stuck on the padres
Always find dumb ways to amaze your bitch
Like pinching her tits, squinching as she spits

Your body begins to dilute, girls treat you like the forbidden fruit
I got a secret big skin flute, That's right Pyramus
So when the frequent warts come in-know it's syphilis

You're mad cause I see more wild asses then an equine veterinarian
Eat more pussy then a totalitarian North Korean
I've seen more female goodies then a centerian has had woodies

You'll get decapitated and/or castrated if you try to match
I'll have a dispatch sent to help patch the scratches
Angels clearly never followed you
Your mom stated she dearly wishes she would've swallowed you
It could've been a good nut, but you wasted semen
You should've been thrown in the sea, man

My game run deep, if you lame take a seat
I'm gonna go 1984 on a whore
While you bore me and you and yours
Behind closed doors you pour
Neosporin on sores from
$19.84 whores behind liquor stores

Hoes like my rap, they say it's comical
I say it blows like an divorcees good foreplay
On your birthday, in an alleyway
Every third day, listen to what daddy say
Unless you want it the scrappy way

So go ahead back right on up
So go ahead back right on up
So go ahead back right on up
So go ahead back right on up

Skate off or face adolf
We ain't soft we put the guage to madoff
Take off before he make off
Down a straight way with the bank vault to hit his dame off we did his dame wrong
She's in the dang vault, restrained and can't talk
Her veins strained and pained and brain full of stank thoughts
We tanked out with enough cheese to

Even the devil wore a halo
Even Russia was allies with NATO
Even PAC started in the ghetto
So dont trust nobody
If you lust i guarantee you'll end up like the Cherokee
Got super powers, call me horatio
Breezing through the game in fewer hours then Magellan
Name is cereal killa, I'll Captn crunch your bones off
Like the thrilla in Manila, I'll punch until you scrunch

Stunner a funner summer bummer
Under the first world wonder
Disperse and discover another jewel lover
Uncover the tissue from her
Plunder all of her myrrh

The High school loner, uncool joker,I hit ground rules, not homers
Cut my wrists, not for me
But my life consists of what ifs

As a young creature I came out of the fallopian blasting
Ian hungrier then Ethiopians fasting
I've got more cash then a pathetic heiress
My pupils dilate like I'm Eric Harris
It's great that I'm the late Harris, reading kechter in the rye just before i die

So go ahead back right on up (x2)
So go ahead back right on up
So go ahead back right on up
So go ahead back right on up

Your parents should've been stricter they raised a stripping male
Fired from chippendales, wired to nail males

Ruptured balls Like when Caitlyn Jenner was changing genders, flipped them like the sides on a Kylie
Her custard launcher busted

I'm like obj dancing in the endzone
Except Khloes dashing out of the friend zone
Dont leave me alone for a minute, cause I'm cynic like killary Clinton, schizophrenic, got more bodies than an abortion clinic

You're sick, I get brainless cause of your gayness
Good at taking dicks in your anus
I'm shaking to be famous
You're aching to stop being nameless
Stop, drop, pop make your girls pussy spacious

I stay strapped to adapt to my surroundings
Danger stems from love and depression compounding
Even Strangers endanger my motivation to live, triggering much digression
Lingering pain, like after a fucking breast augmentation

I ran through every bitch in my path
Been fucking religious midgets in the ass since I was doing touch math
I'm not bluffing when I say I will scathe a bloodbath

Fuck with me I'll make your dreams die, make your scheme seem dry, fix it by making you a creampie

Killing, drilling, spilling, grilling, instilling
Call me a villain spinning and pinning and sinning and smacking all these wack rappers as I unpack my mac to jack and give you a massive heart attack
You bitches couldn't have dope wordplay if you spelt weed on scrabble
You can't cope, In my Pontiac im like the zodiac on crack, causing anxiety attacks

I won't hesitate to bust a mean nut in some queen slut
Make her levitate cause I'm clean cut with more jewels than king tut (Woo)
I'm a street genius with a unique dingus
I get blows from hoes that don't even speak english

Flow tighter then a nuns asshole

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