Grind Time Now

Kid Twist vs. Fresco


[Round 1: Kid Twist]
I know I made it cool to battle, no matter how much of a corny white kid you are
But goddamn it Fresco you took the shit too far
You look like the Fall Out Boy singer a lot
So quit fronting like a pimp when you're not
You're the one guy who thought Ashlee Simpson was hot
You'd probably find a shrine to Heath Ledger on his chic dresser
Next to the aroma candle that keeps his chi centered
At least those late nights jerking off to Twilight helped you read better
If you ask him what set he reps he'll tell you, 'Team Edward!"
Bitch, you're so emo you probably have a bracelet made of razor blades
I think it's dumb as hell you try to cut yourself to take the pain away
But I guess your shaving kit is getting some use
You're so uptight the only time you cut loose is from a strung noose!
And he loves black people, when Obama won he erupted in cheers
But he'll start slurring and start slipping the n-word in after a couple of beers
You've lived an all-white suburb for years
So even if you weren't wearing jeans so tight they're tucked in your rear you wouldn't be comfortable here

[Round 1: Fresco]
This is how you will turn out if your mom gets in a rape scuffle
With your father who's your great uncle
She decides not to keep the kid and you're adopted by a gay couple
His sister comes to battles she's usually standing next to him
People assume it's his girl and he doesn't bother correcting him
But I bought that bitch a Pepsi Max and she let me smash
Like a Gretzky pass going through the plexiglass
So now he's lonely he went on for a night
Created a profile that stated he was "naughty but nice'
And met a local priest, jesus that is not even right
So now you're banned from church but still have the body of Christ
Now that that's out of the way it's time for me to blow your cover
You and your homie/lover listen to the Jonas Brothers while you masturbate and choke each other
This bony fucker said he wants to be my older brother
Invited me home for supper
And begged me to play strip poker at the same table he said he's smoke me under
But neither one of us likes weed...
So what the fuck did this guy mean!?

[Round 2: Kid Twist]
Here's the truth, even when you spit fresh you're just a midwest funny queer cat
Every time buddy here raps, it sets white people a hundred years back
For real, black folks keep asking me, "Is that what you call rapping?"
Til I put this artsy fag in a body bag like it's the new fall fashion
And I can prove it, he's a tourist in this hip hop shit
So get your number two pencil out bitch; pop quiz
Name three members of Hieroglyphics
Whose album titles all include the word "Business"?
And which Ice Cube record features the song "Wicked"?
Oh I'm sorry, the answers to those questions were
Del, Casual, A-Plus, EPMD and The Predator
But everyone else here knew that shit so your F is well deserved
And I heard that he's from Italy, I'll wipe this dude off of the map
Treat him like he was Sicily, break my boot off in his ass
And that's not bravado cause this Abercrombie model makes my arms look like Avacados

[Round 2: Fresco]
This nerd loves words, in fact he thinks they're way exciting
Cause true story, Alex majors in Creative Writing
So he knows about passive tense and similes
Assonance and imagery
Uses apostrophes and glossaries, he's lost in his lessons
And knows the proper inflection for an interrogative sentence
He loves word searches, so he's basically a geek
And thinks dyslexia is cool cause it's a way for him to cheat
But I gotta give you props man your name is pretty sweat
See if you Twist 'Kid' around it's his favorite thing to eat
Battling me is like getting soap in your eye, I hope that you die
And not slowly cause we know that you're bi
It's cause anytime someone is like, "Yo, me and homies 'bout to go for a ride."
He corrects 'em like, "Don't you mean the homies and I?"
But I ain't come here to discuss grammatical mistakes
Or make up testing on animals debate
I came to turn The Battle Of The Bay into The Planet Of The Apes
And finally call this ShamWow guy a "faggot" to his face

[Round 3: Kid Twist]
C'mon Fresco the way that you look is a disgrace
I am the ShamWow guy I'm about to punch this hooker in the face

I'm white an anorexic too but next to you I'm Suge Knight
Driving your daddy's Corvette is the only time you have hood stripes
[?] clips on Youtube is the only way put up a good fight
So the gap between us is you can be judged by what you look like
This nerd's so scrawny I could thumb wrestle your whole body
You're the type to get murked by a bitch like Arturo Gatti
So you can see first hand tonight, the only hermaphrodite
Who's guy half's a fag and girl half's a dyke
When his hoe's acting up he's like, "Should I smack her up or pull her hair?"
You're always talking some shit, trying to get socked in the lips to have a fuller pair
Your bitch says I fuck for longer, my lungs are stronger from the colder air
So why would I respect the Grizzly I'm a fucking polar bear

[Round 3: Fresco]
Now, I ain't never been in a scrap in my life
But if he asked me to fight I'd just laugh at him, right?
Bitch, I hope you die from a fucking disease
Cause you dress like a faggot...and that's coming from me
See I'm a natural and you can't even fucking compare
Now-a-days you're more washed up than either one of our hair
But I'll admit, a couple times up in Canada you've been jerked
But this is Grind Time Now and in Cali you're getting worked
I feel bad for making fun of you, but that's your face at 22?
I'd say you're nice but I can't exaggerate as much as you
Like, "He's so big he needs a bulldozer to roll over."
And, "Whoever brought him clothes is now known as a home owner."
Well I can say your nose is huge, it's probably weird to talk
It's so big I bet you can smell your novelty wearing off
Whoa, you're gonna call me a "New Jack" you better hope it works
You were the best in your country before I ever wrote a verse
Five loses in a row would suck for any other rapper
But you don't make money or music so I guess it doesn't matter


[Round 4: Fresco]
Aye, people say I'm like him, well I don't believe it a bit
Cause in reality, he's more like me with a Twist
See I was prom king whether you'd think it or not
He had a brief stint as Canada's King Of The Dot
I was fucking cheerleaders and practicing cunnilingus a lot
You? Were a fucking cheerleader helping bitches swing to the top
I was piping lady teachers so they'd give me an A
While you were on the football field like, "Give me an A!"
I was doing star patterns, licking pussy, working it out
While you were trying to unwrap a Starburst in your mouth
We both shop at Ambercrombie, but I won't say that he's a copycat
He's only there for the half naked dudes that are on the shopping bags
Your life's behind the scenes, never really in true danger
I'm Tommy with a vest, you're Billy the blue Ranger
I spit a lot of dope raps, you kick a lot of joke crap
I'm Donnie Darko, he's Jake Gyllenhall in Brokeback
Aye hold up y'all, I have advice to share with him
He should leave tonight or Madness might embarrass him
Cause overall I'm a much better rapper by comparison
I have the nicer hair than him and lastly I'm American

[Round 4: Kid Twist]
Ayo! I'll put the laser beam on your Maybelline, I'm a sniper aimin'
When I lift this heavy metal you gon' Kiss the Iron; Maiden
Call me Maynard James Keenan when the burner murks you
I'll pull the Tool, leave a hole in you, a Perfect Circle

And that shit's fake as fuck but the crowd let's it go
Cause the fact you even rap makes what I just spit credible
You look like a neo-nazi Rico Suave
Takin' MySpace pics like this with your emo posse
And most gay rappers are in the closet, at least this guy's proud
I draw in hype crowds, you draw in your eyebrows
He's from the upper class, his parents raised him to be a finer breed
Bought a new mansion, passed him the shiny keys and the title deeds
And paid your schools private fees
Now you think you're hard cause you been in some heated polo rivalries?
Nigel please!

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Loe Pesci: Gave it to Kid Twist
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