Andrew Huang

300 Words in One Minute


Hey, start the countdown, one minute
In the beginning I was swimming in these words, I was in it
Saw one that I liked and i picked it
Addicted to rap, felt like it was infinite
Fit together letters and it’s better with a swiftness
Here to kick a rhythm that’ll put me in business
Flip a script with a wit, i’m a visionary
’til i finish every page of the dictionary
And i rip it the sickest, the quickest
Hitting ridiculous speed
I take it to the limit
And i spit it very hot
Yeah i take it to the top
One magic minute i got spinning on the clock
Second hand swings ‘round, giving me some props
No artificial flavor but you know i make it pop
Slapping these raps en masse
On a flipboard, tablet, or restaurant napkin
It’s passion i’m blasting
Even put it on my fashion
Ha, make it happen
And each day when i’m fresh out of bed
I’m feeling ready already to get ahead
I work hard, play hard
Dropping science like in grade eleven
But i’m still getting extra cred
Top of the class
True hustle, move muscle to the max
With a tongue like a blade i’ll be cutting up the tracks
Same one i use when i'm eating mini crackers
Meaning yes, i eat mc’s for snacks
None of them last, just a flash in the pan
But like a flash, i’ll be way fast for a man
I take it to a level you could never comprehend
'cause i revel in the music and never want it to end
What a beat, what a rhyme
Wonder why i float high like a butterfly
Beating any other guy
So emphatic
Bold, italic and underlined
300 coming in under time

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