S.A. Smash

Old Man Trigger/I Know What You’re Thinking



Dumb shit... dumb mother fucker...
Yo, PRZM.. pass the un-Natural Ice nigga
Yo, JVS... crack that 40 player
Lets get it crackin...

He don't need a mic to rip (nope)
Get in the cypher, spit on everyone inside of it
Rollin L's and gun shells and let you light the wick
It's dynamite if you trying to write a pile of shit
"Keef I'm trying to get you on my compilation cause you're kinda sick"
Thank's for the compliments dawg
But your beats don't compliment it all
I'm on that kind of shit you can't describe with dictionaries
Dominant joints become anonymous
Fall into the bottomless pits of empty promises
I got a presence that oppresses every Optimus-Prime choice
And if I'm ever poppin Cris (Blo Blo Blo!)
Then he deserve to get front with several holes in his trunk
From hollow tips
Or what if I flip with a 40 bottle grip
Here's my apology ahead of time, get off my dick

Ouu Ouu Ouu Ouu Ohhhh...

[Verse 2]

Mom's like you need to see the A.A
Better hope they help your ass out
This for all my niggas on the front porch passed out
Hold up, wait a minute that's me
From the same bar stool to the car back seat
Wit a L rolled, tryna nurse a hangover
After picking up the half empty bottle King Kobra
It's a life style, love it or leave it alone
Like how they do it in Columbus, sleeping is gone
Motherfucker I replaced it
With smoking hash blunts, free styling, wasted
What's the word on your bird
She can't get her eyes off my face, and it makes sense
Damn money, it's funny how things work
I brought rhymes to the table and you bring her

[Drunken ramblings]
The jeans are low cut, wanna step behind her
With a body like I wanna put my sex inside her
Girl you lookin like your body's right
Nigga Smoke your 40's and drink your squiggadares playa
(You fucked , you fucked that up, let's do that again)
Drink your 40's and smoke your squiggadares playa
S.A. Smash is hard as hell, throw your tapes in garbage pails
Niggas that wanna talk shit but can't, mouth is all ill cramped

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