[Verse: Danny Watts]
Yo, I've undersold what I'm going through
I'm pointing you and shedding light on what I'm coming to
The colors press me to the grayer states
Erasing the vigor I used to have
I figure if I do the math I'll groove a path
Pressure existing in regions I never knew existed
I'm finding reasons to be submissive to new conditions
Maybe I was born for a regular life
My heart is like sediments sled in a bed of my plights
Let the rain fall down on top my feelings
I'm feeling like I should sliver inside a hole and quiver
Picture a plant that's at the bed of a river
Swaying to the flow but dying under a stigma
That it has to be a certain way
People plugging at its petals cause it's tucked away
I'm just pressing on the gas, running back until I crash
Inside the tunnel I molded for men to pass

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