Only You


(Verse 1:)

Uh, rolling around with my squad, ducks to all of are flaws, freestyle pickup in the school yard, uh, everyone saying we won't make
It but it's too late now, cause the way we killing these rhymes call us King Lao, wow look how far we've come, not talking about violence or pulling out guns, but I guess we're unoriginal like tv show reruns, but since we've already begun why Stop now, because we're gonna make it and be taking our vows, and as we do that the crowd will arouse, uh, looking over there seeing my momma proud, I always bottle up my feelings, man never say Em aloud, But good thing I didn't end up like mark mccloud yeah, trying get by, rolling with my squad, always take my life in the words of god, but thank god I can do what I love, because I got the blessing from up above, and received unconditional love, now all they trying to do is get rid of me, man this shit is a dream to me, I do what I love, word to my homies man TRL Yeah that's what's up, and releasing all the songs we cook up, but man from all this stress I might erupt, if I'm talking man don't interrupt, yeah don't disrupt, trying to keep this abrupt, don't ever take me as something I'm not, just like when people said my likes were all bought, hahah, yeah, but whatever man I'm out, maybe next track treach can come on and show what he about

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