The Lapidary


Verse 1:
In 2017, we found there was a being
Who made a legacy by dropping jewels that gleam
But to find his kind we climbed in the underground
Mining his shining findings; let me expound
His are priceless like diamonds
Only caught a glimpse of the lapidary's work since
It's a handcrafted rarity; such clarity
And design isn't given in charity
So it was hidden away and we hear it was buried
Among the dirt and remains of all the foes he carried
And so we're left with the myth spurned from what we're left with
We see them in museums and the art projected
But I believe in the myth of his magnum opus
His holy grail cause I plan to show this
Expedition as the proof that the legend is true
So let me introduce you to the crew

Verse 2:
As we spelunk through cave of the one hit wonders
I'm moved to explain his craft
Fiyablasta's work is fused with techniques we use
Now and some of the past
We're surrounded by artifacts but with closer inspection
Their value is lessened by all the defects in
Their structure made with cheaper and weaker
Materials making them more prone to rupture
But with more time taken what Fiya was making
Is appreciating with age
Like a fine wine when you're drinking
You savor his thinking even when the topic's not sage
You see experience throughout the artistry
Telling stories that came from the heart, you see
And in his epic, it's foretold that's where he bared most soul
A personal collection- THAT DROP IS DEEP!

Verse 3:
And as it gleams, sparkling we can tell one thing
The dazzling artistry are the things of dreams
Every measure crafted by this artisan
Is a treasure, every work his heart was in
To find it here unblemished, in mint condition
Is fascinating due to the surroundings that it's hidden in
Engulfed in the clutter, what we uncovered is something unlike any other
And you see the difference just by his imprint that it dwarfs all of those trinkets
(I can't believe) the personal touch he put into the craft
(Though I can see) how people could overlook him in the past
(He subtly) made genuinely epic monsterpieces one at a time
The lapidary knew a GEMs' worth isn't based on its shine

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