I know...I know I don't got it so bad
But just sometimes...feel a heavy weight
Got a heavy a heavy heart...

[Verse 1]
In the memory a couple things are far gone, lost to time
Plus the Green Goddess had her way, lost my mind
In this maze we call a thought process
I'm in the process of elimination, a hostage with imagination
Infatuation with the rhyming and the orange leather
Abominations and their timing bring the carnage nearer
I'm in the climate of the chronic, spit harmonic clearer
Than you've ever heard, my word is supersonic nigga
Times are harsh, see the kids hit a Chase bank
With just a couple shanks, black hearts and face paint
We where it's Live Every Second and a minute hot
In the city, in the inner city, on the inner blocks
In a foxhole reject God, the squad the only higher power needed
We dragons fire breathin
In the palace think malice with high supply of reason
In a kingdom where your biggest fear is to die of treason

[Hook 2x]
I know I seen it before, I know I dreamed it before
The present repeat, the blessing is deep, believe
[Verse 2]
So now he spittin this ridiculous wickedness
Sick as syphillis, limitless and he's infinite
Listen what the mission is
Fear these mischievous bitches, Verbal with the vigilance
Jumpin hurdles with his circle, herbal what he lifted with
The turtles movin faster than the tourists in the trains
Gotta hop, my pops a purist, florist and insane
Memory malnourished; too many forests to the brain
Drop rawness in a chorus, flawless what he claim
Lower East Soldiers build a fortress in your name
The battles are forever, think we rattled? Nigga never
The cattle always follow but a wolf is prolly packed out
If not I'm lone, the fam took a look, I see the look
"My god, he's grown!"
I left my heart at home and put my mind to work
I couldn't watch the throne, I'm busy after it
I'm Christian, no I'm Catholic, the shit that's always happenin
I'm startin to think that's just life and ain't nothin after it



[Verse 3]
Now I'm burnin all this Al Green
I'm tryna strike a nerve in my soul, the cold make you shiver
It's why my niggas downing these bottles like they could make a new liver
By the twos, by the rules never play
Never stray from the task at hand
I'm tryna masterplan to match the Clan
Or top that, I drop that, you blast the jam
Loud, my confidence is in a cloud
In a city where we livin wild
Girls got different fathers for a different child
Volcano Verb yo these herbs is barely spittin mild
Sure of it, I ain't never call it when I'm gettin fouled
Just like a distant owl, I watch the night I feel the fright
Let out a vicious growl; An animal of all sorts
On ball courts in top form and in the booth too
The kid beside me, that's my brother, he the truth too
No wonder we undiscovered, you fuckers need a Blue's Clue
And fuck these undercovers, I'm hoverin above all

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About "Memories"

This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made. It’s very personal and close to home. Peace to man Gee who let me rhyme to his gem of a beat.

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