[Verse 1]
They call him Verbal but his mental was the 1st gift
He bright, still he came to fight, he throw the 1st fist
Right across from Key Food he got the 1st kiss
4th & A, the 3rd quarter when he 1st miss
His squad take enough shots to give you hurt wrists
Smokin on the purple, tryna find his purpose
He saw the action 'fore it ever took place
Only to himself if he ever say grace
Patient with the hand, see he never play race
Ya tryna play King, he just tryna be Ace
From a city where they throw shade, catch case
Reason you gon lose, cause you can't keep pace
Reason he leave Earth, cause he want see space
2nd place, never knew it, never will
He hold a hand up, time forever still
He make em stand up, rhyme with clever skill
He draw the plan up, prime forever ill

[Verse 2]
He like Dali when the paper catch art
He be off to fast starts, black soul, black heart
He ain't never met a match and he ain't never seen God
Try not to get attached, he done heard them fiends sob
Heard them screams, roars when he spit them mean bars
He got hit with reality, he seen stars
Twinkle, twinkle, he rock the tee wrinkled
Roadtrip to Hell, he need to stop and take tinkle
His plot evil, watch the block atop steeples
He from a place where they smoke rock, pop needles
The cops lethal, fuck it he still cop diesel, sour
Entrance announced by Howard Finkle
He soarin like eagle, your boring mind feeble
He don't believe you, you need more people
How you plan to fuck with him? Your whole style see through
He must eat you, you don't get redo
He the smartest hardest artist on a easel
Why you bother tryna bargain? He only deal in Hebrew
Ya really just robots, need reboot, damn
Your spirit leave you as soon as he command
Soon to see the plan come together like Paul, John, Ringo
A's across the board I yell bingo

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About "He"

Except for literally one bar, the entire song is rapped in 3rd person, as Verbal raps about himself.

There will be an official music video released for “He” very soon!

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