[Verse 1]
Emotions known to betray, love enough reason for treason
It's pleasing to the ear to hear the gentle sound
I wear the mental crown, physical coming soon
Heart of Winter, they humming they typical Summer tunes
I cripple a couple fools, sippin a cup of booze
Live average or own the palace, what you think ima fuckin choose?
Linking up with my dudes, the classics in the work
Make the masses go berserk, flashin they asses in a church
In God we trust, speak for yourself
Hard to believe til I meet him myself, I keep to myself lord
Verbal universal, keep a small circle
The keef is all purple, you sheep are all white
We the kings of the blackout, kings of the blackout
Scenes flash back now, fiends in the back route
Peace to Queens, where the team is all Flips
Through the seams cross quick, leave with a mean boss chick
On my arm, no harm done, Smooth as CL with PR
Out to PR, Two-Face coin play the strings on the guitar
We on, now be gone, I'm off to infinity and beyond, I'm out

I feel the wind, feel the wind blowin fast through my windows
I'm speeding past, speeding past ya and I ain't slowin down

[Verse 2]
The precious time go faster than I would like
Disaster natural, it's backwards; Read chapters in the night
Believe in myself, I'm the only crafter of my life
Seekin answers led me to become this master on the mic
Reach Astor, eat the light, still ain't feed my appetite
69, grab a bite, haha relax yourself
You fallin, catch yourself, we warring, strap yourself
Are you all in? Ask yourself, if you aren't mask yourself
The storm is coming, MC's boring, whack yourself
Either way it's a wrap, feed your decay to the rats
Black, to the science put together by the Scientist
Properly greet the alliance or we form a lot of biases
Start a riot quick, tip of the L got the fire lit
Reach higher, pass it to the lions I conspire with
The apes that I roll with, the wolves that I feed with
Stay adjusted to the seasons, I'm wheezin
Off the Blackberry in the bamboo
You wack niggas canceled, your boy Verb up next
Matter fact, I'm right now, winner stay on
The drama ongoing so my mama pray on

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About "Windows"

This is one of my favorite beats ever. My homie The MadScientist is beast!

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