I'm fuckin with that fedora though
That fedora real smooth, real old school shit
With a hoody on and shit right?
Yo you could put me up in the phones a lil bit, the beat?

[Verse 1]
Rappin like a genius, got you clappin when you see us
Keep a yondom strapped upon the penis
Except for when she, when she gaggin on the semen
Like a dragon how I'm breathing
Them DreamTeam goons got the moon, we out to Venus
Or to Pluto, in the studio you dudes are all pseudo
Got your girl strippin to Menudo, give her kudos
Body and brain, what a duo
The one that study Judo, ju don't know shit about the kid Verb
I flip birds, I twist words, I switch girls, so get curved
I live cursed, I piss herb, outta this world, I miss Earth, word

Yo chill Verb, chill (yo fuck all that)
Why you wylin b? (fuck that)
Chill dogs, come on (we out here) Chill

Your lips flap the trash but it's hardly enough
Ain't no answer when I'm callin your bluff, oddly enough
Your lips flap the trash but it's hardly enough
Ain't no answer when I'm callin your bluff, oddly enough
[Verse 2]
The time just passes, I try my best to get it all
In honest gist, I spit the raw; A modest crest that sit the wall
Smoke Incredible Hulk, blow my high, you piss me off
You sissies soft, I'll put you in a Figure Four
Try to guard up, you get your ankles broke
MilesMck swing aluminum bats, you get your ankles broke
Then let him spank your hoe
Tell him spare your life so be thankful though
Brink of the East River where we dangle foes
If you ain't drowning I'm releasing the sharks
Peace to the park, the freaks off the leash when it's dark
The saddest part is, you ain't even peeping the art
Secret meetings with these heathens cause these demons too smart
Why you breathin so hard? We ain't even at the start
This the prelude, see to me, you rappers just seafood
Your act is just see through, do the math there's no equal
How you match the kid who voodoo craft on the people?
Raps are lethal, weapons stocked, I rep the block

Avenue D, Lower East Side
4th street, 2nd street, 11th street (what up what up what up)
All them streets you heard?


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About "Oddly Enough"

This is for all the people that talk shit and can’t back it up.

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