[Verse 1]
Met a beauty 20 somethin, she was rudely interrupted
By who we end up becoming, I smoothly introduce me, "hi"
Call me what you like lady, for most "Verb" or "Jordan"
Her look was foreign but, her scent was near home
She spoke in rare tone, said in one night we could tear Rome
Down to flesh and bone, she a brickhouse the sex is woah
X and O, I'm blessed to know her
The best part, the best ain't over
Where we rest, the Lower, she know the sets we throw up
Oh, and how we move at night remove her fright
Taught her if she keep the dark, she'll never lose the light
Baby girl, prove em wrong, prove me right
Sweet girl, do it all, do it right
And she dear to me, arch her rear for me
She shed a tear for me yo
If I ever go, forever know I never meant to hurt you
They wasn't lying when they said patience is a virtue
I close my eyes and smell the fragrance of your perfume
You bop your head to the cadence of my words too see I know what words do

All I'm sayin, let yourself go, free your mind
Young lady 20 somethin, got the sweetest smile
And I know how everybody see the times
But we could redefine that, just me and mine
[Verse 2]
I'm only 20 somethin
I heard you heard of me, but when in sight it's like plenty frontin
I'm steady buggin for affection and some other thangs
She speak the Rotten slang, she got her mother's bangs
She stuff her jars, rock her scars, scream "fuck your chains"
I play the bad cop, she into handcuffing games
Told you keep an open mind, see what discussion brings
Told you keep it open for me Ms. Thang
And you love it when I rap to you, coming home back to you
After we do our thing, gotta give dap to you
Baby you a animal, so good it's laughable
So hood, it's natural, not much I would rather do
We like the modern day JFK and Marilyn
Perfect balancin of humble with some arrogance
They struggle for comparisons, we makin rare appearances
It's quite embarrassing how much I'm really feelin you
Beliefs I instill in you, me and you we the illest duo
We find loopholes in this life to avoid tombstones
We only die when we lie, remain truthful


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