This one go out to all the troublemakers
The heartbreakers, the fast cash makers

[Verse 1]
Ayo I can't fall asleep if my pen stay awake
My heart already broken so I can't take a break
The words already spoken, take a chance, take a place
Things gettin dirty, see my closer early, face the 8th
Wonder if ya taste the waste, you niggas talk bullshit
Out your mouth, out your ass, might as well be the same

We done came with the fire, it's over your head
Open your legs baby, there you go soaking the bed
Who gon dry that? Fuck, I need my high back

Fortune teller guy tell a lie, you tell a lie back
Here I am tryna eat, live with no regrets
It ain't good enough, they told me I ain't focused yet

[Hook 1]
I say until my eyes are seeing it, my mind not believing it
But how much can I take, I'm tryna make it MC'ing it
But can I make mistakes? I'm human, I'm just being it
I hate this shit, this a bad relationship, I'm leaving it
And I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch

[Verse 2]
Shit, nothing to clear if your throat get slit
I'm kidding, maybe not,
addicted to the daily pot
Or am I?
Clad in armor like a samurai
I'm goin off, tired of being on standby
Pops in my face yelling, he claim the blind lead the blind
And us? We all just Helen Kellers

I'm running on adrenaline, heroin in my uncle vein
Ain't nothin changed, I'm in the mirror thinking somethin vain

Represent New York nigga, ain't nothin strange
Fact if you on the block then you in bucking range
Life's a movie, try rollin with a cast of shooters
Look out the window, contemplate the past and future

[Hook 1]

*Beat switch*
"One of the most important things you have to learn when you study English, is how to identify a verb"

[Verse 3]
We settin sail, gone with the wind, it's all the same
House gems for my seed to carry on my name
Madly in love but sadly it's nothing but rain
Fuck it, I'm puffin on somethin with Jay
That's my brother, you address him as you would me

Save all your stories bout what I should or could be
Let's talk about what I am and what I'm gonna be

You pull a gun on me, I'm liable to catch the bullets
I'm known for schooling cats from St. Marks out to Willets
Point Boulevard, the Point God, what's the point?

I'm with a bad joint, she roll a fat joint
Mother Earth infect my brain, another set to flame
Another check to gain, another sea to swim in
Another league to play in,
starting beef at the weigh-in
Half Flip, the other .5 Boricua
My voice bag the chicas, now I'm out lord

[Hook 2]
The kid special and the talent raw
Feel the force, throw the balance off, clothed in a cream robe
The trees rolled, I'm beastmode, welcome to the freak show
Time is just a concept, don't take it out of context
Cold water drippin from the faucet, I lost it
My mind that is, the slime malice
That we living with, your feelings get hurt

For what it's worth, from my birth til I hit the dirt
I'm sailing towards somethin better

[Instrumental Outro/Waves]

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About "M14 (Set Sail)"

The M14 is a NYC bus that passes through the L.E.S. I used to ride this bus everywhere I went, sometimes just to escape and get away from people/places.

Me and The MadScientist came up with the idea to merge two different beats to make one song. As the outro to the album, it leaves the listener with the sounds/images of sailing away.

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