Quiet (Feat. Young Reezy)


Yeah when We make it they all gonna quite, just like when we light that fire and ignite it, but when people but me down I just try to fight it, because when they do that it only makes me wanna rewind it, and do it all again, but when I put my pen to this paper I just begin, and just let my feelings go away, this is the only way I know how to express myself, so before you mess with our squad you better check yourself, because my whole life it feels I've been put on a shelf, and just trying to make my life repeat itself, wish I could do it all again, and it feels like everyday I just take this pain, all my life I've been in plain sight, but I've just been setting fire to the mic, always have a passion for rapping, it's like we clicked, and whenever I'm put down it feels like I've been kicked, and picked at, now I just reminist, and just miss the times that we've had together, always made it with each other the rainy weather, but then one day it was time to be over, and then ever since then I've just hurt all over, and have been quite for as long as I can remember, and always went through the ember, but I guess my time is done, time for REEZY to come on before the time is up

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